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The ancient Bulgarian town of Bansko was once mainly a travelling merchant and stock breeding community but in recent years has become a popular and thriving tourist resort in both the summer and winter seasons with a population of around 10,000 people. Archaeological traces of the original inhabitance of the Razlog Valley and Bansko go way back to Roman times. On the outskirts of Bansko you can find a handfull of housing structures that date back to 100BC but there is no historical evidence that states who these people were. Bansko is only 95 miles from Bulgaria's capital city Sofia and is surrounded by the Rila, Rhodope and Pirin mountains. In recent years Bansko has achieved international popularity after the introduction of the annual Bansko Jazz Festival. The mountain Peaks around Bansko have a variety of lakes, rivers and old pine woods which are making Bansko a popular destination for summer recreation as well as a winter ski resort. Bansko's rich history and beautiful scenery has earned it recognition as a world heritage site by UNESCO which is one of the reasons that people from all over the world visit Bansko each year.

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Bansko as a Holiday Resort

In recent years Bansko has undergone a lot of development which makes it a classic mix of both old and new cultures. In 2003 the minibus ride up to the main Bansko ski area was replaced with a new gondola lift which takes you from the town right up to the Todorka ski slopes. As well as hosting the annual summer events like the Bansko Jazz Festival, there are also annual winter events. Every year Bansko plays host to alpine ski disciplines and biathlon competitions. Bansko narrowly missed the short list for the 2014 winter Olympics which shows Bansko's commitment to growing as a destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Bansko is a charming and growing winter and summer resort that has something for everyone. Bansko offers all of the activities that you can find in most European alpine destinations. Bansko offers you a choice of skiing, snowboarding, mountain tours on snowmobiles and ATV's, walking & hiking, horse riding, golf, mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoning, white water rafting, fishing and there are plenty of tours and excursions available to popular sight seeing attractions and museums as well as a great selection of shops selling snowboards, ski's, skateboards, skate shoes and local souvenirs.