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If you think that your ideal summer holiday needs to consist of packed beaches and night-life made up of more "English Bars" than there are in Yorkshire, then think again. Bansko is starting to become a popular summer destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. In summer, Bansko transforms into a bright colourful mountain town. Bansko's surrounding Pirin, Rila, and Rhodope Mountains come to life with the sound of flowing rivers and the lush green of the mountain forests and local wildlife activities. In the Pirin mountains around Bansko you will find rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caves, pine forests and around 70 glacial lakes dotted throughout the walking and hiking trails. Bansko's walking trails are suited to all levels whether you a hardcore dedicated hiker or mountaineer out for a weeklong trek, social walker or families just wanting to take in the breathtaking views for an hour or two there is a mountain trail for you. As well as walking and hiking trails Bansko has over 100km of mountain bike trails to suit all levels. For more information on mountain biking in Bansko please visit our page about mountain biking in Bansko.

If you are not an adrenaline junkie, mountaineer or you just need a rest day, Bansko offers plenty of relaxing summer activities for you to enjoy. The town of Bansko has many cafes, bars and local mehana's that line the streets and cobbled roads leading down to Bansko's main central square. These serve a great selection of local cuisine. There are loads to chose from and you will be spoilt for choice and with most meals in Bansko costing about £5 and glasses of wine costing less that £1, you're sure never to be out of pocket.

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